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Miss Noel Evelyn Norris

This year's ORA Dinner is special. The Rafflesian alumni is honoured and proud to pay tribute to Miss Noel Evelyn Norris' passionate contributions to the Rafflesian community as a student, teacher and principal.


The Old Rafflesians' Association is privileged to award Miss Norris the ORA Honorary Life Membership. She is the ORA's first lady Honorary Life Member.

Born on Christmas Day 1918, Miss Norris’ association with the Raffles Girls’ School began in 1925 when she enrolled in Primary 1 in RGS. Her tertiary education was at Raffles College where she graduated with a degree in History. She spent the Second World War years in India and Ceylon (now known as Sri Lanka), where she worked as librarian in the Royal Air Force Library. After the war, she taught history at RGS from 1946 to 1955 when she was appointed Principal of Crescent Girls’ School. She returned to her alma mater in 1961 to assume principalship before retiring in 1976 wherein she continues her active involvement in community service.


Former students remember Miss Norris as an inspirational and dedicated educationist with a strong pulse for the trends in education, a strong believer in co-curricular activities as part of the holistic education and leadership training. She put her heart and soul into every facet of life at RGS and imbued a pioneering and can-do spirit among the generations of Rafflesians to have walked through the portals of RGS. She remains a mentor, a confidante and friend to many of her former students.


Her involvement in education went beyond the confines of RGS. She held various positions ranging from being the Chairman of the Combined Schools Sports Council, finance in-charge for the Singapore Youth Festival and Secretary of the Head Teachers’ Conference (Secondary Schools). In the People’s Defence Force, Miss Norris held the rank of Major commanding the Singapore Women Auxiliary Corps, a post she held until she took over command of the girls’ section of the National Cadet Corps.


For her illustrious contribution to education, Miss Norris was awarded the Public Service Administration Medal (Silver) in 1964 and the Long Service Medal in 1977.


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